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iPad mini still hot, Apple continues to dominate tablet Computer domain

Par reedy :: 22/11/2012 à 7:46
The warm welcome with which that the consumers greet iPad mini has sustain the very good tradition that a absolutely new assortment of item will probably be highly anticipated. The hot promoting of iPad mini might remind us the good background once the first two-gen iPad had been released. So the iPad series are nevertheless the undoubtedly king of this domain, Really, in the past three quarters, the full-sized iPad have noticed a reduce down inside the sales but are nevertheless in a position maintain a dominating industry share of 51%. iPad Parts.Because of the launch from the Google Nexus 7, the share of android-running tablets has soared to 29%. Additionally, Amazon also slashes the price of Kindle Fire to usher the new items and its share also sees enhance.

The latest dissection of iPad mini shows that that manufacture expense of iPad Mini is slightly higher than the iPhone 5 and reaches 188 dollars for any 16GB WiFi version which sells at the price of $329. Definitely, it really is obviously that the Apple nonetheless enjoys the high profit that this new-sized iPad brings it. In terms of the crucial iPad replacement parts within this device, the 7.9-inch touch panel is offered by the LG Display and AU Optronics and charges 80 dollars, accounting for 43% on the total expense. This touch panel sports a engineering named GF2, which can be in a position to tremendously reduce the thickness in the display. That is why iPad Mini looks so slim and ethereal and requirements the correct iPad mini instances to guard.

Samsung is still the supplier on the Apple A5 processor. Nonetheless, for other parts, Apple starts to turn to other people. Samsung utilized to offer you the memory chips and display for Apple iOS devices. The truth is the fact that we see these two parts come from other suppliers.iPad 2 White Glass. It appears that Apple has determined to reduce its dependence on the Samsung spare parts.

Within the fourth quarter, Apple will need to face the fiercer completion in the tablet Computer domain. Together with the upcoming release on the new Kindle Fire, Google Nexus series and Microsoft Surface, iPad Mini and iPad 4 will need to struggle hard to keep the top location. 

Ipad Parts: Master Piece of Technologies

Par reedy :: 21/11/2012 à 7:40
You can find quite handful of brands within the market place which will not require an introduction and Apple is a single such brand. This brand is often identified for its electronic devices which are the master piece of engineering and apples ipad parts would be the finest example.

There are really handful of brands within the marketplace which does not need an introduction and Apple is one particular such brand. This brand is constantly recognized for its electronic devices that are the master piece of engineering and apples ipad parts would be the finest instance. With this new launch of ipad parts you will be in a position to do multi tasking at a certain time. In todays quickly life it truly is required for any person to possess that type of gadget that is capable of performing many items at a single time. Due to the fact no one has time to accomplish items separately they want everything on their hands. So, depending on this requirement the Apple has come up this time with its all new ipad parts inside the market place. An ipad is fully a blend of technologies it has produced with so much perfection that it performs every one of the tasks for you. This gadget is multi tasker it can entertain you via its different attributes which include some fantastic apps for games, songs and films. You are able to also download these items in your ipad. It makes you aware with its social networking sites due to which you can continually be in touch together with your loved ones.

Ipad parts and attributes are extremely advantageous for all those people that are operating in stock exchange since it that profession it's a compulsion to keep oneself update all the time. You need to be conscious using the existing value of the shares within the market place and this ipad works wonder right here. IPhone Parts.This gadget offers you all of the recent details and figures really swiftly that are quite beneficial for the enterprise. The greatest benefit of getting an ipad is that it's capable of carrying out items extremely quickly. Its quick speed and superb functions makes it a single in the most desirable devices on the planet.

And this brilliant gadget can also be yours together with the assist of many on-line internet sites .You can find some great on-line websites in the marketplace that are the most effective seller of these ipad parts. While buying with these on-line retailers someone can effortlessly acquire each of the gadgets of his/her option which tends to make it much more handy .It is possible to shop for something just beneath one particular roof and buy these merchandise at extremely cost-effective prices also. Hence, acquiring an ipad parts from these online outlets may be the finest choice to obtain this excellent gadget at an thrilling price tag range. So get prepared to feel that amazing encounter in your life.

Tips ON Choosing Excellent High quality CELLPHONE Situations

Par reedy :: 31/10/2012 à 12:23
In today's location the mobile phone has turn into an crucial part of human existence. As we see that everybody employ mobile telephone and its technologies is creating at a closer rate addition extra functions in accordance with the requirements of customer. Apple IPhone Parts.The most important accessory that a single needs to get in direct to defend his handset as of mishap or scores would be a cellphone case.

The important job of of wholesale cellphone situations is to offer comfort, fitment, shield, technique, durability and aim. With regards to cellphone cases they are considered into 4 collection that is pouches, aluminium, soft constructed in situations and snap-on. The mobile telephone and its accessories are pretty receptive and pricey. An client would be able to want a mobile telephone case range from low-cost to high holders.

The finest place to study on cellphone box will be net or funds off shops. Among the usually selected supplies for mobile telephone covering is leather. Because the leather supply enhanced protection to handset and accessories. You'll find a good deal of cases obtainable in bazaar with diverse sizes, colours and shapes from a number of manufacturer. The handset situations are manufactured by firm in countries like china. These manufactured cellphone situations are cost-effective and excellent in circumstances of their practice. But an individual will need to bear in thoughts that value would not point out the class of a cellphone case.

Extra general important aspect of case is it really should be stream proof, if a client selects fur case he wouldn't be have some trouble since it would guard his cellphone from stream, in case if its dropped into water. Else the user can go for tough plastic instances that are ended up of plastic and coated with paint. These plastic circumstances would shield the cellphone from jolts, dents and rubs.

Finally, the price evaluate would also take part its part in deciding on of wholesale cellphone situations. Generally distinct suppliers have wide number of expense, so it is greatest advised for an individual to pick an low-cost fine worth case for his handset. So as to discover cost for money, 1 could need to spend a modest additional to ensure that he can take his handset exactly where with comfort. 

Apple iPhone 5 Crossed 5 Million Mark Worldwide Inside per week

Par reedy :: 30/10/2012 à 11:34
Right after selling practically 5 million units of iPhone 5 in very first three days, leading telephone maker, Apple is almost ready to set a new sales record. In every part in the planet, Apple iPhone 5 deals happen to be released. In United Kingdom, shoppers can acquire these phone packages on all premium and top-notch networks, like O2, 3 mobile, T-mobile, Virgin, Vodafone, Orange and TalkMobile. Several phone specialists and analysts will not be pleased with iPhone 5 simply because their sky-high expectations can not be met. Sales of this sixth generation iPhone set a brand new record for American phone-maker. About two million folks have pre-ordered for the device. Apple IPhone Parts.It is practically a double number that its predecessor iPhone 4S. Demand of the new iPhone is just extraordinary and individuals are just crazy about this device. Introduced on September 21, 2012, this iPhone is producing lot of buzz in phone planet.

Apple iPhone 5 bargains are available in every single corner of United Kingdom in type of mobile phone contracts, SIM totally free offers and PAYG deals. With each deal, you get a various price of iPhone 5. Are you currently seeking the most affordable price-tag? Yes, you are able to get it simply together with the assist of contract deal. As of now, it is possible to see numerous iPhone 5 Critiques in the market place and every review appreciates the software and hardware features in the handset. This sixth iPhone from Apple is various than all earlier iPhones since it includes larger display, advanced Operating Program and 200 new software program attributes. Even, Apple has altered the length and depth from the body. Now, new iPhone measures 123.8x58.6x7.6mm and weighs 112G only. In easy words, iPhone 5 is slimmest smart telephone and iPhone ever. Portability is just not an issue due to the fact it is a lightest weight iPhone to date.

In UK, Apple iPhone 5 deals are provided by networks with so many premium and impressive free of charge gifts, for example, texts, minutes, mobile data, free of charge line rental, iPad, iPod, HD Television, Laptop, gaming console and many far more. For those who have decided to purchase new iPhone offers, then it's also crucial to take into consideration the crucial functions on the handset. To begin with, it's most significant iPhone ever with regards to size. iphone 3gs housing cover.This widget ships with 4.0 inch 640x1136 LED-backlit IPS TFT touch screen display. This affordable display doesn't make the phone big and in addition, it delivers very best efficiency. You are able to acquire iPhone 5 in two lovely colors and three distinct versions. Color wise, you can go for Black/Slate and White/Silver. You can also put the iPhone 5 in 3 different categories on the basis of onboard memory, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Handset with 16GB memory is most affordable one. To buy device with 64GB onboard memory, you are going to must spend large amount.

Altering Your iPhone Color Yourself? 3 Suggestions To Tip The Scales Toward Your Accomplishment

Par reedy :: 29/10/2012 à 13:08
Yes, one of the most gorgeous red, yellow, and particularly electric blue colors are obtainable for the iPhone 4 and 4S (among other colors). Yes, you are able to mix and match colors. Parts are readily readily available for any individual to get. No, your probabilities of effectively acquiring the parts installed without damaging your iPhone are slim. IPhone Parts.Nonetheless, in case you should do it yourself, you are going to find the following tips will help you up the odds of your good results.

TIP #1:

Should you get cold feet, but you currently have the parts, locate aid. Discover a reputable repair (brick and mortar) iPhone shop (a shop which just fixes iPhones, iPods, and iPads) and ask how much it would price to set up your parts. Be aware that all parts aren't produced equal. The possibility exist that your parts will not fit appropriately, or may possibly have a finger print on the screen which cannot be removed (this would have already been put there in China on the assembly line). Just before you let the shop alter the parts for you personally, ask the tech to examine them and see if they assume your parts will function.

TIP #2:

You possibly believe it is possible to watch a video on You Tube and you'll be able to modify the parts by yourself. Don't watch just a single video. Find six and watch them all. Re-watch the very best video again and again before you begin in your phone. THEN, watch that video in segments as you in fact spread your iPhone pieces all over the table.

TIP #3:

Determine correct now, to have the lightest touch you've got ever had inside your life although fixing something. The iPhone 4 is delicate, and it really is truly easy to rip a ribbon from its' connection or to basically knock a resister off its' connection. As you eliminate the mother board (logic board in Apple speak) don't put your hand on the 3 tiny (really tiny) resisters which just kind of hang out the back edge on the mother board simply because it isn't difficult to knock a single or far more off.

You are reading this and thinking, "this guy just doesn't want folks saving cash doing their very own repairs." That's not true. Apple iPad Parts.This can be true: There is no such thing as Apple Certification for iPhone, iPod or iPad repair. iPhone shops repair iPhones, iPods and iPads which are owned by certified Apple technicians (who're certified to repair Apple computers), all of the time. Ask any shop that specializes in iPhone repair, and they will tell you it's true. It takes time and crucial practice to get good at repairing these tiny devices.

By all means, in case your purpose is to be great or fantastic at repairing them, begin nowadays together with your own phone. Just take a deep breath, work slowly and lightly and remember exactly where every single in the 18 screws goes, since should you get the screws incorrect, your iPhone will not function.

Selling your Old Cellphone is Finest for everybody

Par reedy :: 26/10/2012 à 7:21
Technologies are consistently modifying and consistently need to have to be replaced. Many Americans need to replace their old cellphones with new ones because of technological advances that seriously change the way items perform, whilst other individuals want to replace their old phones simply because they no longer appear to perform. iPhone iPad iPod Parts.Either way, you will find numerous thousands of old cellphones all over the nation that can wind up in landfills if their owners don't assume about how to dispose of them effectively. The top way that a lot of people can get rid of their old cellphones is to sell them because it might be advantageous for themselves and for the environment. Iphones are especially useful and may be sold simply, whether or not they are in total working situation or not. For instance, even if your old iphone doesn?t operate, it may possibly be scrapped for useful parts like the antenna cover for iphone 2g.

Each little part that gets added to every iphone is important, and if one particular part breaks, the whole phone may become unusable. That?s a single on the reasons that so many Americans have extra iphones sitting around. One part could have broken, and then the owner decided that they would favor to replace the entire telephone as opposed to spend too much income to possess Apple repair it. The antenna cover for iphone 2g, by way of example, is extremely essential since it protects the antenna from abuse. If the antenna cover for iphone 2g gets broken, then the antenna itself is exposed and can easily break. Clearly, the antennas are extremely critical for all cellphones, and if they no longer perform, then these cellphones appear to be useless. Yet, they aren?t. Even when your antenna cover for iphone 2g is broken, the rest of the telephone could be taken apart by seasoned experts, who will use the other parts of one's telephone to repair other phones. This is how the whole approach of refurbishing phones happens.

However, several Americans don't realice that their old iphones might be reused and resold even if they don?t function. For that cause, a lot of people select to throw their old phones away, let them sit in an attic or recycle them. Each of these choices has it's disadvantages. Throwing phones away is incredibly wasteful and harmful for the atmosphere. Letting old iphones sit in an attic doesn't assist anyone and can also be wasteful considering that the parts inside these old phones (like the antenna cover for iphone 2g) may be reused to refurbish other phones. IPhone Repair Parts.Recycling old phones could be a great solution, nevertheless it also demands a lot of electric energy, which isn't required if the phone is simply taken apart to be reused. So regardless of why you're replacing your old iphone, regardless of whether you might be getting a newer generation or whether it no longer seems to work, take some time to reflect and contemplate what alternative is best for you personally and also the rest from the globe. When you do, you'll find that selling your old iphone could be the most helpful option you are able to make for yourself along with the planet.

High quality iPhone 4 Replacement Parts at Less costly Rate

Par reedy :: 23/10/2012 à 11:01
Should you personal an iPhone, it's regarded as as one of your prized possessions. With this phone, it is possible to do just about anything including communications, etc. There are several applications which may assist you to to organize your schedule simultaneously becoming entertained. Nevertheless, they may be seen as sensitive and need a great deal of focus and care. As the time progresses, you might want replacement covers for the iPhone. Cheap iPhone Parts.It is not a lead to of be concerned since it is inevitable. For such circumstances there are lots of on the web shops that sell iPhone 4 replacement parts at affordable rates. Shopping online is easy and may be carried out upon click of a couple of mouse buttons.

After the launch from the very first iPhone, it has gone through numerous upgrades and recently iPhone 4S was launched. They've been upgraded to be able to make certain the convenience of cell phone users and have even succeeded as these pieces are being sold at a fast rate. Accidents are unforeseeable circumstances which may leave some part of the iPhone 4 damaged. The screen from the phone is sensitive and can easily be a victim of damage. At such occasions, make sure that you just browse the net to find a trustworthy source that does iPhone 4 screen replacements at a reasonable rate.

The repairing procedure can be a bit complicated and is finest if left to professionals. Browse the world wide web where you will discover database of firms that sells iPhone 4 replacement parts at sensible rates. Make sure which you check out the evaluations before looking for the services of a certain business. If you're preparing a DIY for replacement, it is possible to easily find a company that sells replacement parts. Be patient and surf the world wide web as at some point you'll find a perfect business for services. Read the critiques to understand more about the services and compare the rates of different firms to create a sensible selection.

One of the advantages of becoming able to purchase replacement parts for your iPhone 4 on-line may be the savings. Taking your iPhone 4 LCD digitizer to a technician can price you lots of income. Even though it could look handy, you could possibly end up paying more than the actual expense for repairing. If you obtain iPhone parts wholesale, you are going to have the ability to assemble it at the convenience of the residence inside your own time. Within a matter of hours, you will effectively be capable of place every one of the parts with each other and make your telephone appear new like ever.

The best part is that you are going to not require the assistance of a technician for service which in turn will save you a considerable volume of funds. HTC Replacement Parts.With all types of iPhone 4 replacement parts accessible, you are able to easily obtain them off the internet in the click of a number of mouse buttons. You can also locate directions more than the internet on assembling the iPhone 4 replacement parts with out going by means of any hassles. Upon completion, you will have saved a lot of time and money and will be proud in showing off your "new" iPhone 4 for your close friends.

HTC misses targets however once more

Par reedy :: 09/10/2012 à 8:24
HTC's third-quarter earnings paints a dire image for the telephone maker's ongoing profits, because the Taiwanese giant as soon as once again performs below analyst expectations and business forecasts.

The world's fifth largest smartphone maker said today its third-quarter profit fell by 79 percent year over year since it continues to struggle inside the face of its competitors' devices and sharper sales.

HTC reported third-quarter total income of 70.2 billion Taiwan dollars ($2.39 bilion), down from 91 billion Taiwan dollars ($3.04 billion) within the second-quarter -- a drop of over 20 percent -- and down from 135.8 billion Taiwan dollars ($4.5 billion) a year ago -- dropping by nearly one-third simultaneously final year.

The organization stated in August that it expected its third-quarter income to become within the area of 70 billion Taiwan dollars ($2.38 billion) to 80 billion Taiwan dollars ($2.73 billion),HTC Repair Parts  in comparison with about 91 billion Taiwan dollars in the second-quarter.

 Analysts had expected the company to earn about 84 billion Taiwan dollars ($2.9 billion) in the course of the third quarter.

All in all, the firm kept quiet on every thing else. HTC's third-quarter of 2011 was wholesome and record-breaking for the business. But given that then, the phone maker has struggled to maintain up with all the competition following a fairly productive 2011. 

BlackBerry gets aggressive about apps

Par reedy :: 08/10/2012 à 9:20
Investigation In Motion needs to provide more than just clever new attributes for its BlackBerry 10 to take off. For buyers and BYOD (bring your very own devices) workers in particular, considerably on the new platform's momentum will hinge on the hardware on which it is provided, as well because the apps and content material which is available when it launches within the initial quarter of next year.

RIM hasn't had a lot to say regarding the BlackBerry 10 devices themselves, though it has pledged to continue offering physical QWERTY keyboards alongside full touchscreens.

The prototype seeded to BlackBerry 10 developers offers clues about what a single on the devices will look like, and among the slim proportions, large, high-res screen and fluid overall performance, it looks promising.

BlackBerry App Planet has close to 105,000 apps accessible, and it has clocked 3 billion downloads because it initial opened three years ago. The problem is that none of those apps will probably be compatible with BlackBerry 10, which indicates developers will need to port all of their apps over to the new platform.

RIM presented a brave face to media and developers in the BlackBerry Jam developer conference in California late last month.

Martyn Mallick, vice-president of international alliances and enterprise improvement, mentioned there was a massive swell of developers supporting BlackBerry 10, along with the organization was literally working with hundreds and hundreds of partners at this time.

Mallick said all of the major worldwide social networks would have applications available for BlackBerry 10 at launch, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Presenters demonstrated operating versions of Cisco WebEx, Foursquare, Facebook and Shadowgun.

But a slide showing the developers for BlackBerry 10 did not have countless partners on it. It had 50. The standouts had been, PressReader, TruPhone, TuneIn and Accuweather, but there had been a great deal of magazine names (presumably for the upcoming BlackBerry Newsstand magazine shop) padding out the list.

Mallick assured conference attendees that this wasn't the full list. What you see right here is really just the tip on the iceberg," he mentioned. "This is the list of partners that gave us permission to speak about what they are undertaking here at BlackBerry Jam. But you are going to see a huge variety of further partners come out in between now and launch Apple Parts. This really is truly just a fraction of who we are working with.

Other slides displayed through the keynote presentation showed apps and games that weren't especially mentioned by the presenters, like Adobe Reader, Docs to Go, Fruit Ninja and NOVA 3.

RIM will also be selling music, Television shows and movies for the very first time in the BlackBerry App globe with BlackBerry 10. This supplying locations it on a near-even keel with Apple's ecosystem with regards to multimedia, and it tends to make the platform a robust sell against Android, which only has Tv shows, motion pictures and books, and Windows Phone, which only delivers music.

RIM also created a passing reference to BlackBerry Newsstand during the presentation. Mallick mentioned it would have a huge number of magazine titles readily available, and one particular of the slides showed titles for example Bazaar, Great Housekeeping, Conde Nast Traveller and Wired.

The apps and content RIM demonstrated at BlackBerry Jam are a excellent begin, however it wants to persuade far more big-name developers to generate the jump towards the new platform.

Dan Dodge, QNX founder and RIM's lead software program architect, stated this was a thing the business was aggressively fixing.

1 of the lessons that we learnt from the PlayBook is that we launched prior to we in fact had a large adequate ecosystem of applications behind it," he mentioned. "The objective was to obtain it out there. When BB10 launches, there is going to be a catalogue of massive numbers of applications.

HTC 1 X+ leaks with blink-and-you-miss-it adjustments

Par reedy :: 29/09/2012 à 8:33
What does a + get you? If its the HTC 1 X+, freshly leaked as soon as a lot more today, then it doesnt appear like a huge quantity; new photographs show minor aesthetic adjustments C when youre most excited about a brand new Beats Audio logo, you understand its time for the weekend C with Pocket-lints sneaky pre-announcement images otherwise confirming only that the One X+ will appear much like its 1 X predecessor.

That indicates exactly the same 4.7-inch display, apparently, as well as the same neatly tailored polycarbonate plastic chassis. HTC Repair Parts.Inside, in line with leaks earlier inside the month, is going to be a slightly more rapidly processor than just before: a Tegra 3+ AP36 with a 1.6GHz clock speed (or, in single-core mode, as much as 1.7GHz). That can be paired with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM.

OS is tipped to become Android 4.1 Jelly Bean C about time, provided Googles newest OS has been on the scene for some months now C with HTCs Sense 4.5 interface strapped on top rated. A 1,800 mAh battery, just as inside the original One particular X, is expected to become performing power duty, along with the pogopins on the back for charging cradles are clear to find out.

In short, the One X+ is shaping as much as be a minor tweak rather than an all-out refresh, probably running a bit more quickly than the 1 X but otherwise supplying a lot the identical user-experience. If HTC is sensible, it is going to have spent its time tweaking power management, HTC LCD Screen Display,as rival devices C such as the Galaxy S III, having a 2,100 mAh pack C supply significantly bigger batteries.

Update: GSM Arena spotted an early listing with the A single X+ inside a printed O2 catalog, which suggests the new HTC will have 64GB of internal storage and indeed run Jelly Bean on a 1.7GHz processor. MoDaCo claims the 64GB will be partitioned as a single, huge chunk, as well, as opposed to the split arrangement of the One X. O2 lists the 1 X+ at 479.99 on pre-pay, with contract deals also expected.

BlackBerry Maker Posts $235M Loss, Glimpses Light Ahead

Par reedy :: 28/09/2012 à 7:34
BlackBerry-maker Analysis In Motion is far from a comeback, especially as competitors Apple and Samsung continue to develop their shares of the mobile smartphone marketplace.

But on the bright side, RIM's fiscal 2013 second-quarter earnings get in touch with was far from the disaster of its first-quarter call, throughout which it had announced job cuts, a $518 million loss as well as the delay with the BlackBerry 10 platform, which RIM's recovery is dependent upon..

Throughout the quarter that ended Sept. 1, RIM grew its subscriber base by 2 million, to get a total of about 80 million subscribers, Blackberry 9700 OEM 002 Version LCD Screen,largely due to increasing interest from locations like Asia-Pacific, South Africa and also the Philippines, where CEO Thorsten Heins said RIM's popular BlackBerry Messenger app is "just kicking itit's everywhere."

RIMs revenue also nudged up 2 percent given that the quarter ahead of, to $2.9 billion, following shipping nearly 130,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets and 7.4 million BlackBerry smartphonesalthough this metric was down from 7.8 million phones the quarter ahead of.

Although an improvement on the previous quarter, RIM posted a net loss of $235 million.

"It is very important that we grow or keep our BlackBerry base and our income ... and although difficult, we have made progress in these locations," Heins told analysts during the get in touch with.

"The complete organization is excited and energized for the new BlackBerry 10 phones," Heins added, although he sounded as tired as he looked delivering the keynote in the company's BlackBerry Jam Americas developer conference in California Sept. 25.

For the last three weeks, Heins and a team have already been visiting carrier partners around the world, and soon he'll head off on yet another tour.

"It's in fact been excellent to view folks get so excited once they hold the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones in their hands ... and it's not just our carrier partners finding excited. Our enterprise customers are excited, as well," stated Heins.

RIM plans to release both touchscreen and physical QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphones, which will function HD displays as well as a browser with speeds unmatched even by desktops, he said.

"We totally understand that building BYOD (bring your own device) device is about attracting the consumer," Heins stated, adding that this is some thing he believes RIM will likely be able to perform. With BlackBerry 10, RIM expects to not only retain its base but to "win back market place share from competitors."

The early 2013 international launch of BlackBerry 10 is now confident point, RIM insists. Nonetheless, one more sure thing are revenue losses for its third quarter and yet another dip in device sales.

"We are approaching the holiday quarter, so the industry will get much more challenging," Heins conceded. "We are expecting price pressure and that can operate against [us]."

Heins also acknowledged that the company is thinking about licensing out BlackBerry 10 and other BlackBerry technologies. During a private interview in August, Heins told eWEEK that "it's prudent to look at every one of the possibilities for the future," though decisions had been getting made independently of whether BlackBerry 10 could be the hit RIM believes it's going to be.

"Companies I meet with understand that RIM remains a robust modern and relevant firm on the planet," Heins mentioned throughout the contact.

Heins also clarified that RIM's Sept. 21 service losswhich affected customers in Europe in Africawasn't an outage.

"We have to be quite cautious in regards to the terms. Blackberry 9700 Parts.That was not an outage. We had an situation with our service capabilities..." Even though messages were delayed to about 4.6 million of RIM's 80 million subscribers, stated Heins, no messages were lost.

On the call and within a statement, Heins insisted on what he required to, for buyers, investors along with the organization.

"Make no mistake about it," he mentioned. "We realize that we've much operate to perform, but we are generating the organizational changes to drive improvements across the organization, our workers are committed and motivated, and BlackBerry 10 is on track to launch in the first calendar quarter of 2013."

Apple's iPhone 5 Maps app criticisms continue -- but customers don't thoughts too much

Par reedy :: 27/09/2012 à 8:05
Apple [AAPL] iOS 6 Maps app may possibly be this seasons largest iPhone 5 criticism as competitors jump about to point out its shortcomings, but iPhone users arent particularly alarmed -- theyre a little bothered, but the alter hasnt lowered item satisfaction ratings as well a lot.

 Just a little disappointed

Thats one way of searching in the news inside the latest user satisfaction results from analysis firm, On Device, which reveals that customers are ever so slightly less satisfied with iOS 6 than they discovered them to become when using iOS 5.

The business polled c.16,000 iPhone owners inside the US and determined a satisfaction rating of 7.65 for iOS 6, a slight dip from the 7.75 it saw when assessing satisfaction with iOS 5. For reference, iOS 4 scored a 6.93-point rating, TechCrunch reports.

Although this isnt a huge dip in user satisfaction,iPod Parts, its noteworthy due to the fact its a dip -- in most cases the survey firm sees enhanced device satisfaction as new operating systems are released, which tends to make the dip a little considerable.

The decline is likely to reflect consumer disappointment with Apples Maps app, but the impact, at least on US customers, seems pretty small when seen in context.

The dip may possibly also end up becoming tiny over a blip, as Apple is scrambling to make its mapping service far more successful, recruiting staff and applying user-submitted modifications to its server-based service. (And Apple also developed a particular version of Maps for China).

Talking the talk

Competitors are seizing upon the Map-gate affair as a chink in Apples smartphone armor, but they may be far better place enhancing their very own offerings: the iPhone is far and away the buyers favored device.

This does absolutely nothing to quit Google executive chairman, former Apple board member, Eric Schmidt, from criticizing the selection, telling Reuters: "We assume it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know? What had been we going to do, force them not to modify their thoughts? It is their call."

Schmidt also noted that Google hasnt yet submitted a self-made Google Maps app for the App Store, with the New York Times adding that the business hopes to have it developed by the finish of the year.

Apples choice to replace Google Maps on iOS was no surprise to any business watcher, but seemed somewhat surprising to Schmidts firm.

The Verge reports that Apple had an additional year to run on its Google Maps contract prior to it dumped the firm. Google hadnt expected this that is why it doesnt have a Maps app of its personal to counter with, apparently.

Googles contract with Apple to maintain the maps app on the iPhone had a lot more time remaining, and Google did not understand that Apple had changed its mind till Apple said publicly in June that it would replace the app with its new maps app, in line with two people briefed on the choice, claims The New York Instances.

The Verge also reveals that the search giant wanted a lot more prominent Google branding on iOS Maps -- something which was never going to happen given the combative relationship amongst the companies.

Is Apple at threat?

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, doesnt see the difficulties as as well serious, but has had some issues himself: I tried to navigate somewhere, and I couldnt get to exactly where I wanted to by voice... I dont know however about Maps -- Im a bit worried regarding the navigation, but Ive still got it covered using a bunch of other navigation apps.

Theres many option navigation and maps possibilities obtainable to customers, and its also feasible to work with Google Maps in Safari. Should you really miss them on your device -- and also the evidence so far suggests most users arent definitely bothered -- then theres a series of basic measures to bring them back correct here.

Apples aware of the criticisms its Maps app is breeding. Inside a statement provided to All Issues D nowadays, an Apple representative stated: "We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and that we are just obtaining started with it. Maps can be a cloud-based answer as well as the more men and women use it, the far better it'll get.

Thats fine, but that slight decline in user satisfaction levels for iOS 6 could soon turn into a flood: the pressure is definitely on Apple to boost its mapping services swiftly, iPod Classic 6th 160GB Audio Jack Headphone,or danger damaging its particular relationship with iPhone customers.

Got a story? Drop me a line via Twitter or in comments beneath and let me know. I'd like it in the event you chose to comply with me on Twitter so I can let you knowwhen these products are published here first on Computerworld.

Interactive Maps app steering Apple into unfamiliar territory

Par reedy :: 26/09/2012 à 8:05
Properly, this wasn't the path Apple had in mind.

Apple's new Maps app is supposed to give iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users an easy new way to get where they wish to go, with spiffy functions including interactive 3-D views and spoken turn-by-turn navigation. As an alternative, a lot of customers uncover themselves within a new planet of frustration.

Apple unveiled the totally free Maps app with its new iOS 6 operating program, which heralded the new iPhone 5. iPhone 4G CDMA Verizon White LCD Touch Screen.The app replaces routing stalwart Google Maps, another move in Apple's increasing rivalry with all the search giant. There isn't however a standalone Google Maps app available for iOS 6 at this time.

Complaints of inaccurate listings, views that look like melting landscapes and other gripes in regards to the Maps app have popped up like countless map pins. Think we're kidding? Just appear at the Incredible iOS 6 Maps (, a snarky compendium of Maps screenshots gone horribly and hilariously wrong.

It really is so undesirable even Apple finds itself in unfamiliar territory: harm manage.

In a statement towards the tech web site AllThingsD, Apple stated it "launched this new map service being aware of that it's a significant initiative and we are just getting started with it. We're continuously enhancing it, and as Maps can be a cloud-based resolution, the a lot more men and women use it, the far better it will get."

Apple Maps can and ought to only get far better. Inside the meantime, listed below are some option map apps to help you discover your iWay.

MapQuest (free)

Ye Cyber Map of Olde gets together with the now due to voice-guided navigation, live site visitors updates and straightforward search for places to fill up the auto and your stomach.

Waze (free)

Along with voice-guided directions, this community-based navigation app relies on 20 million users to share targeted traffic alerts, accidents, even the least expensive gas. Just drive about together with the app open to contribute road and targeted traffic information.

MotionX GPS Drive ($.99)

No wonder this nav-app gets a lot of five- star reviews. Up-to-date map data, predictive traffic-based routing, reside regional speed limit display, turn-by-turn voice guidance, active lane guidance that and more for much less than a buck a month.

Google Maps (cost-free)

You'll be able to always use Google Maps on your mobile browser at, which it is possible to then add to your device's residence screen for app-like access. Cheap Apple Parts.Get driving and transit directions and discover about your destination and places along the way.

HopStop (free of charge)

An additional Apple Maps complaint: No directions for public transportation. HopStop delivers routes aplenty with directions by bus, subway and more transit possibilities, in addition to an interactive route overview map.

Apple will soon met SBB more than iPad apps clock style

Par reedy :: 25/09/2012 à 7:46
Apple recently dished out a new clock app for iPad in its iOS 6 update. As soon because the update was out, it was found that the design of the analog clock used by the new iPad clock app is identical towards the design of clocks used on the stations of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).

Soon SBB released a statement citing that it held the rights towards the style from the clock and that Apple had produced use from the style without first in search of permission from it. iPad iPhone 4 Micro Sim Card.Furthermore, it cited that the design was initially created as far back as 1944 and has given that been utilized across numerous railway stations in Switzerland.

Now, a spokeswoman for SBB has revealed that Apple is set to meet up SBB officials within the next couple of days. The meeting has been scheduled to go over the problem and had been requested by SBB lawyers. Yet another fascinating twist towards the entire story is that SBB has also stated that it isnt searching for any cash from Apple as damages for getting employed the style.

In reality, SBB says that it really is rather proud that a brand as crucial as Apple is using our style. In that case, we do wonder what exactly are SBBs legal actions aimed at.

One particular not-so-secret cause Apple built its own Maps for iOS 6

Par reedy :: 24/09/2012 à 7:47
Within the uproar more than iOS 6's move to Apple's homegrown Maps service, the driving theme is user frustration (not to say outright anger). Even one of the most ardent apologists must acknowledge that Maps has critical problems, and the company's critics are possessing a field day.

Several of the challenges could be remediable inside the short term, although other individuals may take far longer to address successfully. Apple is reportedly undertaking deep-dive recruiting in to the fallow, contract-complete engineering pool that assisted to build Google Maps in the 1st spot. Yes, this stuff is tough.

We're going to dive in to the Maps conundrum (plus a tiny product launch from Friday) on tonight's Talkcast, so bring your recommendations, complaints and consolations. It is possible to connect to us live here at 10pm Eastern Sunday night, or listen in immediately after the fact.

For iOS 6 users, particularly people who upgraded without realizing that Maps was shifting under their feet, issues are awkward. In the brief term, we're seeing plenty of workarounds and substitutions for every thing from Google's Street View feature (the $0.99 Live Street View app does a fine job) to transit directions (if they cover where you reside, Embark's offerings are sharp and precise) to merely going using a bookmark towards the mobile version of Google Maps itself.

We're also seeing lots of enthusiastic attribution of motives: "Apple wants to force its customers to use its own products, even when they aren't as very good as those from rivals," opines Joe Nocera in the New York Occasions. "They place their own priorities for corporate technique ahead of user expertise," suggests Anil Dash. "Apple place crapware on their most significant item on objective to be able to screw a rival at the expense of customers," claims Mike Elgan more than at Cult of Mac. iPhone 3G/3GS/4G USB Data Sync Charger Cable.(Elgan's post suggests that Apple is obsessed with Google, but he also says that "Google+ is the Google Maps of social networks," which makes me wonder if maybe he hasn't got some other issues mixed up.)

Individuals assertions make for strong narratives and very good, meaty, angry articles. They are forceful, and have the ring of truth. But to recommend that the only cause Apple would make this change is for the sake of forcing Google off of iOS -- punishing users in the process, with no a care or even a caution -- is naive and mistaken. Apple's move away from Google's maps is not about screwing customers to make a corporate political point; it is about trying to give iOS customers a better maps knowledge within the long run.

What is the a single huge thing that Android devices -- since 2.0, in 2009 -- have been able to perform with their maps that iOS devices, natively and without pricey third-party apps, couldn't do? Realtime, turn by turn navigation. The function that lets you replace your $100-and-up dashboard GPS unit with only your telephone and your voice, included within the box with millions of Android phones. A precise, unarguable and easy-to-market differentiating function. Droid does; iPhone doesn't.

Why doesn't the Google-backed Maps app on iOS 5 do realtime nav? Effectively, as Ars Technica pointed out in June, it really is just not permitted within the Google API license agreement for Maps. Effortless sufficient for Google to provide the feature to its own operating method (after the underlying map data licensing hurdles were cleared when it turned over from NAVTEQ data to its personal geobase inside the late 2000s), but third parties? Nope. This was confirmed as a constraint when developers asked the question at WWDC many years ago. No realtime nav, no vector map tiles, no way.

But, certainly, Google and Apple could make a deal to obtain about that pesky license? Offered the special relationship in between the two firms? Apparently not. As iMore notes and the Wall Street Journal delves into, Google was not willing to license turn-by-turn to Apple. Possibly Apple drove as well hard a bargain; possibly Google's team wanted a lot more access to user data, or to bundle the Latitude find-your-pals application in to the mapping suite. Some recommend that Google wanted to maintain turn-by-turn as a competitive tool for Android. But Charles Arthur's assertion in the Guardian that Apple "didn't want it" with regards to realtime nav appears to become unfounded. Apple wanted it; Google would not give it up.

Google's role because the mapping provider for iOS was by no means an easy fit from a corporate point of view, however it became downright untenable once the intransigence over turn-by-turn kept the iPhone's mapping capability a generation behind the Android front line. Navigation is not a trivial feature; acquiring a solid app for your driving directions can expense genuine funds, or require an ongoing subscription. Apple's customers were finding the fuzzy end in the lollipop simply because Apple didn't own the engineering -- and that's the horse driving the cart in this situation, not the other way about. If Apple can't build items that consist of the features users want most, they will not be insanely wonderful, they will not delight, and they won't sell.

That is the not-so-secret reason for the alter to Apple's Maps. If iPhone users can't do turn-by-turn directions at no cost, Apple forecasted, at some point they would stop becoming iPhone users. Possibly that's a crass, commercial reason, but it's not politics; it really is real characteristics for genuine clients. And it is part and parcel with other Google-controlled or blocked characteristics (voice search for Maps, requiring a Maps tile to show whenever the geocoder is utilised, high-quality vector Maps for Retina) that were dragging the platform behind.

None of that assists the current details on the ground, since it had been, when it comes to Maps in iOS 6, even though Apple should have leapt off long ago. In fact, users of pre-iPhone 4S devices may be extra peeved, as they do not even get the benefits of the turn-by-turn nav as they're sacrificing the data depth and accuracy of the Google infrastructure. This stuff is challenging, and possibly Apple's sin here is a single of hubris -- thinking that the firm had the smarts to solve numerous genuine problems at as soon as, with out realizing that the difficulties are truly that tough.

It is unfair and unfactual to say, as Joe Nocera does, that the Maps iOS 6 scenario would not have come off the tracks the way it has if Steve Jobs had been nevertheless operating the business. Goodness knows, hubris -- and failure -- were items Steve had lots of expertise with. But what is true is that Tim Cook and his team now face the challenge of rebuilding some user trust, explaining why they chose this path, and truly fixing the Maps app with no resorting to any reality distortion fields.

Airlines, Theaters, Far more Sign On for Apple's Passbook

Par reedy :: 22/09/2012 à 8:42
Is your wallet bulging with loyalty cards and boarding passes which you forget to make use of or shed in a crowd? There is an iOS 6 app for that.

Passbook is just a single from the 200 new features in Apple's just-updated mobile operating system, providing a spot for users to maintain movie tickets, retail coupons, and much more in one spot.

Accessible on the iPhone and iPod touch, Passbook displays coupons' expiration dates, concert seat places, as well as the balance remaining in your coffee-bar card. Apple managed to snag quite a few high-profile supporters, and continues to be adding a lot more businesses to its Passbook family members.

So far, the Passbook section of the App Shop contains the following organizations: American Airlines, Fandango Movies, Reside Nation, Lufthansa, At Bat, At the Ballpark, Sephora to Go, Target, Ticketmaster, United Airlines, and Walgreens.

In accordance with, apps like Belly Card, iHotel, and Shop Your Way may also be integrated with Passbook.

Coming soon C Delta, Starbucks, and ticketing company Eventbrite.

"Eventbrite has always had a powerful concentrate on mobile innovation C from transforming smartphones into barcode scanners to turning the iPad into a mobile box office C and aims to create positive tickets are obtainable to customers when and where they require them," vice president of item Julie Thompson said within a statement.

The company's assistance of Passbook integrates tickets for classes, iPad Part,occasions, festivals, and concerts into users' phones.

Starbucks nowadays announced its addition to the mobile billfold, though the coffee shop has been a part of Apple's Passbook advertising campaign because the function was revealed. The restaurant tweeted the message that its update is coming at the finish of this month, followed by a slew of ones and zeroes, signifying a smiley emoticon in binary code.

Delta Airlines has also signed on. "Apple: thanks for the shout out! We're excited to become a part of Passbook on iOS6, making it easier to go paperless," the organization tweeted last week immediately after Apple highlighted the airline during its Sept. 12 press event.

Apple's iOS 6 rolled out on Wednesday, and was already installed on about 15 percent of iDevices by Thursday. Many people, nevertheless, reported difficulty in accessing Passbook, with a "Cannot connect to iTunes" message popping up. Apple declined to comment directly on the difficulties when asked concerning the glitch, instead pointing PCMag to a link of Passbook participants on iTunes.

New Maps in Apple's iOS 6 Creating Some Customers Really feel Lost

Par reedy :: 21/09/2012 à 8:24
1st there was the iPhone 4 Antennagate. Then there was New iPad Heatgate. Now it looks as if Mapsgate is upon us.

A single in the largest characteristics in Apple's new iOS 6 operating program for iPhones and iPads, released Wednesday, was the new Maps app. Whilst Apple had relied on Google's Maps because the original iPhone, Apple released its really own mapping application with turn-by-turn navigation, visitors information, and 3-D imagery.

What has been the largest complaint from these who updated to iOS 6 over the last 24 hours? The new maps.

Just look in the tweets together with the hashtag #iOS6apocalypse on Twitter and also the trend is clear. Many have reported misplaced towns and cities whilst other individuals have tweeted photos of a jumbled Brooklyn bridge. There's even a brand new weblog, The Amazing iOS 6 Maps, and a chain of complaints at Reddit.

The worst with the errors seem to be overseas. A map of London shows Aldwych Station, which has been closed given that 1994. A look for Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace, returns nothing. And in Sydney, Apple's personal retailer is on the other side of the street. (The Huffington Post U.K. rounded up these errors.) To add to all those, Ireland's Minister of Justice, Alan Shatter, has in fact issued a statement in regards to the misplacement of an airport in South Dublin.

 Inside the U.S. there happen to be complaints about inaccuracies, but in our encounter here in New York, the new app has been fairly correct, IPad Replacement Parts,routing us to function effectively and locating points of interest properly. Our larger complaints come with the functions that were lost with Google Maps, like no Street View.

Apple isn't staying silent on the matter, even though, and maintains that the maps will get far better with time. "We launched this new map service knowing it's a key initiative and we are just obtaining began," Apple's Trudy Muller told ABC News. "Maps can be a cloud-based resolution along with the far more folks use it, the far better it will get. We appreciate all the buyer feedback and are working difficult to make the consumer expertise even much better."

The maps, which Apple has had within the works for years, have been built using the help of other businesses. TomTom, for instance, provides the map information and Waze provides several of the real-time traffic info.

"We supply maps and related content material towards the majority of handheld players, such as RIM, HTC, Samsung, AOL (MapQuest Mobile), Apple and, yes, Google (for the locations where they don't make their own maps)," Lea Armstrong, a TomTom spokesperson, told ABC News.

"When men and women use a map, their knowledge is determined by two items. Firstly, the underlying content, notably the maps. This really is what TomTom is presently supplying the mobile sector with, and it really is what provides their maps the most effective foundation. Secondly, user encounter is determined by adding added characteristics towards the map application, including visual imagery. This can be usually defined and produced from the handset suppliers and third party computer software providers on the basis of their very own vision and requirements."

Google Maps has lengthy been one particular with the most profitable mobile and digital mapping systems, and the firm has incrementally added functions, like Street View, offline maps, and transit data. In June, just days before Apple announced its Map app, Google announced some new functions, including improved 3-D and Street View characteristics.

It really is simple to see where Apple's inexperience inside the region holds back its new app; it lacks, among other issues, a Street View choice and integrated, mass transit information. 

Apple gives 197 security causes to upgrade to iOS 6

Par reedy :: 20/09/2012 à 7:51
You'll find now 197 new factors for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users to upgrade to iOS 6, with Apple closing the same amount of vulnerabilities in its mobile operating system.

The organization released its safety bulletin for the new version of iOS these days, revealing what security flaws have existed in prior versions.

Vulnerabilities contain three different approaches of completely bypassing iOS' passcode lock, and at the very least 10 diverse ways of operating arbitrary code. The latter kinds of vulnerabilities are what enable users to jailbreak their devices.

A few of the vulnerabilities are quirks in iOS' design, including what takes place when an iPhone connects to a Wi-Fi network. Apple iPad Parts.iOS within this case broadcasts the final networks it has accessed, even when the device is on an unencrypted Wi-Fi network that anyone can listen in on. An additional example is the fact that text messages received in iOS trust that the return address with the message was the sender, even though this info may be spoofed. Because of this, text messages can be created to appear from any person who an attacker chooses.

From the 197 vulnerabilities, 142 are related to WebKit. Apple only lately patched 163 vulnerabilities in its newest release of iTunes, and also the majority of those had been also associated with WebKit. Just as Google located much more bugs in WebKit than Apple's own group, Google is responsible for obtaining 52 with the vulnerabilities that had been closed in iOS 6, while Apple identified 24.

Apple's iPod nano shenanigans

Par reedy :: 19/09/2012 à 9:24
Lost in the hype in the iPhone 5 announcement was a less memorable product, the new seventh-generation iPod nano.

Unlike the big star of the occasion, the new iPod nano is really a nothing upgrade to a dead-end item. It doesn't have iOS, apps or WiFi, so there's no strategy to consume music from the cloud (Spotify, Pandora, Sirius, YouTube, and so forth.) The only music supported on the iPod nano is whatever you sync from iTunes -- through a cable, no less. Which is Lame.

The Verge's Nilay Patel known as it "an impulse get holiday present that practically makes it appear like you care regarding the recipient."

As opposed to the iPhone along with the iPod touch,Apple iPod Parts, the iPod nano is actually a product seeking an issue to solve. A person trying to find an low-cost music player, could easily pick up a $49 iPod shuffle rather.

Patel place it much more succinctly when he said that "anyone contemplating spending $149 on the iPod nano really should tap-dance on street corners until they make the additional $50 it will take to purchase the entry-level iPod touch as an alternative."

(Patel got the cost wrong, the entry-level iPod touch expenses $150 more.)

I'm also a little bitter in regards to the 7th-gen iPod nano due to the fact it totally killed the growing and enjoyable iPod-watch business.

There are two possible causes why Apple eliminated the square iPod nano form-factor:

1) It cares a lot more about selling (and renting) motion pictures that it does about providing you the time of day, or...

2) Apple's developing its personal iWatch and doesn't need to compete against itself.

The latter is actually a conspiracy theory raised by gdgt's Peter Rojas that I take place to like. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking?

It's simple to imagine all the factors that an iWatch could do: it'd be the perfect accessory for an iPhone or iPad. Bluetooth 4.0 could make it a satellite screen for your larger iOS device (which could remain in your pocket or bag) although it displayed issues like Tweets, Facebook posts, text messages, emails or the currently playing track. If Apple sold it for $99 (granted, a lengthy shot) it would sell a single with every single iPhone and iPad sold.

Is iPhone the next BlackBerry?

Par reedy :: 18/09/2012 à 12:23
Apple (NAS: AAPL) just launched the iPhone 5. The handset is not all that diverse from final year's iPhone 4S, but it's not only a handful of new software program functions wrapped around a quicker processor, either. The screen is larger and supposedly a lot more colorful, this is the initial iPhone to connect to high-speed 4G LTE networks, and Cupertino even place some work into enhancing call high quality.

So yeah, this is without having a doubt the best phone that Apple ever created, and it surely deserves breaking sales records. Early reports say that Verizon (NYS: VZ) and AT&T (NYS: T) exhausted their pre-order reserves in a matter of hours, so trying to order one right now is kind of like craving Springsteen tickets in Sweden. (The Boss always sold out every show before I could get my hands on a ticket.)

So what's wrong, then?
Sales reports show that iPhone and Android handsets own a combined 86% market share in America nowadays. Both platforms are growing, and they steal customers from Nokia (NYS: NOK) and Research In Motion (NAS: RIMM) all the time.

RIM's BlackBerry phones were leaders in the early days of mobile computing, facing off against now-defunct rivals such as Palm and the immature Windows CE 6.5. Life was good for a while; at one time, RIM owned the largest market cap on the Canadian stock exchange. That peak reminds me of Apple's current status as the biggest equity in the world.

And the bigger they are, the harder they fall. BlackBerry missed a turn or two, started losing market share to Apple and Android, and is now fighting for its life. Shareholders who bought in at the top have lost about 95% of their investment.

History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme
That former giant was not immune to changing consumer preferences and made things worse by not adjusting to the new demands quickly enough. Apple may be walking down the same well-trodden path toward utter disaster.

I mean, it is been two years since Apple introduced the basic design that's still in use with the iPhone 5. Come next summer, Blackberry Parts,that look and feel will have three years of beard hanging from its chin. The iOS software is much the same as it was in the very initial iPhone, five years ago. A light dusting of new characteristics doesn't outshine the lack of innovation.

How long can Apple keep singing the same old song at a slightly diverse pitch, before a rival stumbles over a new, fresh, and seriously exciting killer feature?

When that happens, I wouldn't be surprised to see Cupertino resting on its considerable laurels until it really is far too late.

Too big to fail?
Oh, the stock isn't going to zero, unlike some other smartphone players I could mention -- Apple's bank account is flush enough to keep the company alive for decades even if the business model falls apart. But Apple could very easily become just another also-ran in a very crowded field.

Nowadays, RIM hangs its shrinking hat on two hopes: that the upcoming BlackBerry 10 software will save its bacon, and that low-cost, low-margin BlackBerrys can keep the party going in emerging markets as smartphones replace basic feature phones. A radical redesign could make a difference, but Nokia already showed us what happens to those who depend on high growth in profit-free markets. It really is not a pretty picture.

So when Apple hits a glass ceiling in high-end markets like North America and Europe, I wouldn't place much hope in having lower-end markets save the day. Apple was never built to work that way.

Enjoy the iPhone 5 sales bonanza, Cupertino. I'm afraid it'll be your final hurrah in the smartphone market. Can the iPad make up the difference when the iPhone becomes old hat? Don't bet your house on it.

Take action, dear Fool
These are just some of the reasons I have a thumbs-down CAPScall on Apple. In short, I don't see a company that was built to last.

I'm admittedly kind of alone in Fooldom here: Apple is an active recommendation of five various investment Foolish services. But I don't write these articles to get invited to parties. It is not healthy to ignore warning signs just because everyone else is bullish. Raise a glass to the "motley" side of Fooldom.

If you want to see Apple drawn in a much brighter light, you should grab our premium research report on the company. In it, you'll find a much more bullish view of Cupertino. The report has already sprouted a deeper dive into the iPhone 5, and comes with a full year of timely updates to boot. Go ahead and consider the opposite view -- you won't hurt my feelings one bit.

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