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Apple's iPod nano shenanigans

Par reedy :: 19/09/2012 à 9:24
Lost in the hype in the iPhone 5 announcement was a less memorable product, the new seventh-generation iPod nano.

Unlike the big star of the occasion, the new iPod nano is really a nothing upgrade to a dead-end item. It doesn't have iOS, apps or WiFi, so there's no strategy to consume music from the cloud (Spotify, Pandora, Sirius, YouTube, and so forth.) The only music supported on the iPod nano is whatever you sync from iTunes -- through a cable, no less. Which is Lame.

The Verge's Nilay Patel known as it "an impulse get holiday present that practically makes it appear like you care regarding the recipient."

As opposed to the iPhone along with the iPod touch,Apple iPod Parts, the iPod nano is actually a product seeking an issue to solve. A person trying to find an low-cost music player, could easily pick up a $49 iPod shuffle rather.

Patel place it much more succinctly when he said that "anyone contemplating spending $149 on the iPod nano really should tap-dance on street corners until they make the additional $50 it will take to purchase the entry-level iPod touch as an alternative."

(Patel got the cost wrong, the entry-level iPod touch expenses $150 more.)

I'm also a little bitter in regards to the 7th-gen iPod nano due to the fact it totally killed the growing and enjoyable iPod-watch business.

There are two possible causes why Apple eliminated the square iPod nano form-factor:

1) It cares a lot more about selling (and renting) motion pictures that it does about providing you the time of day, or...

2) Apple's developing its personal iWatch and doesn't need to compete against itself.

The latter is actually a conspiracy theory raised by gdgt's Peter Rojas that I take place to like. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking?

It's simple to imagine all the factors that an iWatch could do: it'd be the perfect accessory for an iPhone or iPad. Bluetooth 4.0 could make it a satellite screen for your larger iOS device (which could remain in your pocket or bag) although it displayed issues like Tweets, Facebook posts, text messages, emails or the currently playing track. If Apple sold it for $99 (granted, a lengthy shot) it would sell a single with every single iPhone and iPad sold.


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