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Apple gives 197 security causes to upgrade to iOS 6

Par reedy :: 20/09/2012 à 7:51
You'll find now 197 new factors for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users to upgrade to iOS 6, with Apple closing the same amount of vulnerabilities in its mobile operating system.

The organization released its safety bulletin for the new version of iOS these days, revealing what security flaws have existed in prior versions.

Vulnerabilities contain three different approaches of completely bypassing iOS' passcode lock, and at the very least 10 diverse ways of operating arbitrary code. The latter kinds of vulnerabilities are what enable users to jailbreak their devices.

A few of the vulnerabilities are quirks in iOS' design, including what takes place when an iPhone connects to a Wi-Fi network. Apple iPad Parts.iOS within this case broadcasts the final networks it has accessed, even when the device is on an unencrypted Wi-Fi network that anyone can listen in on. An additional example is the fact that text messages received in iOS trust that the return address with the message was the sender, even though this info may be spoofed. Because of this, text messages can be created to appear from any person who an attacker chooses.

From the 197 vulnerabilities, 142 are related to WebKit. Apple only lately patched 163 vulnerabilities in its newest release of iTunes, and also the majority of those had been also associated with WebKit. Just as Google located much more bugs in WebKit than Apple's own group, Google is responsible for obtaining 52 with the vulnerabilities that had been closed in iOS 6, while Apple identified 24.


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