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Apple will soon met SBB more than iPad apps clock style

Par reedy :: 25/09/2012 à 7:46
Apple recently dished out a new clock app for iPad in its iOS 6 update. As soon because the update was out, it was found that the design of the analog clock used by the new iPad clock app is identical towards the design of clocks used on the stations of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).

Soon SBB released a statement citing that it held the rights towards the style from the clock and that Apple had produced use from the style without first in search of permission from it. iPad iPhone 4 Micro Sim Card.Furthermore, it cited that the design was initially created as far back as 1944 and has given that been utilized across numerous railway stations in Switzerland.

Now, a spokeswoman for SBB has revealed that Apple is set to meet up SBB officials within the next couple of days. The meeting has been scheduled to go over the problem and had been requested by SBB lawyers. Yet another fascinating twist towards the entire story is that SBB has also stated that it isnt searching for any cash from Apple as damages for getting employed the style.

In reality, SBB says that it really is rather proud that a brand as crucial as Apple is using our style. In that case, we do wonder what exactly are SBBs legal actions aimed at.


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