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BlackBerry Maker Posts $235M Loss, Glimpses Light Ahead

Par reedy :: 28/09/2012 à 7:34
BlackBerry-maker Analysis In Motion is far from a comeback, especially as competitors Apple and Samsung continue to develop their shares of the mobile smartphone marketplace.

But on the bright side, RIM's fiscal 2013 second-quarter earnings get in touch with was far from the disaster of its first-quarter call, throughout which it had announced job cuts, a $518 million loss as well as the delay with the BlackBerry 10 platform, which RIM's recovery is dependent upon..

Throughout the quarter that ended Sept. 1, RIM grew its subscriber base by 2 million, to get a total of about 80 million subscribers, Blackberry 9700 OEM 002 Version LCD Screen,largely due to increasing interest from locations like Asia-Pacific, South Africa and also the Philippines, where CEO Thorsten Heins said RIM's popular BlackBerry Messenger app is "just kicking itit's everywhere."

RIMs revenue also nudged up 2 percent given that the quarter ahead of, to $2.9 billion, following shipping nearly 130,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets and 7.4 million BlackBerry smartphonesalthough this metric was down from 7.8 million phones the quarter ahead of.

Although an improvement on the previous quarter, RIM posted a net loss of $235 million.

"It is very important that we grow or keep our BlackBerry base and our income ... and although difficult, we have made progress in these locations," Heins told analysts during the get in touch with.

"The complete organization is excited and energized for the new BlackBerry 10 phones," Heins added, although he sounded as tired as he looked delivering the keynote in the company's BlackBerry Jam Americas developer conference in California Sept. 25.

For the last three weeks, Heins and a team have already been visiting carrier partners around the world, and soon he'll head off on yet another tour.

"It's in fact been excellent to view folks get so excited once they hold the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones in their hands ... and it's not just our carrier partners finding excited. Our enterprise customers are excited, as well," stated Heins.

RIM plans to release both touchscreen and physical QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphones, which will function HD displays as well as a browser with speeds unmatched even by desktops, he said.

"We totally understand that building BYOD (bring your own device) device is about attracting the consumer," Heins stated, adding that this is some thing he believes RIM will likely be able to perform. With BlackBerry 10, RIM expects to not only retain its base but to "win back market place share from competitors."

The early 2013 international launch of BlackBerry 10 is now confident point, RIM insists. Nonetheless, one more sure thing are revenue losses for its third quarter and yet another dip in device sales.

"We are approaching the holiday quarter, so the industry will get much more challenging," Heins conceded. "We are expecting price pressure and that can operate against [us]."

Heins also acknowledged that the company is thinking about licensing out BlackBerry 10 and other BlackBerry technologies. During a private interview in August, Heins told eWEEK that "it's prudent to look at every one of the possibilities for the future," though decisions had been getting made independently of whether BlackBerry 10 could be the hit RIM believes it's going to be.

"Companies I meet with understand that RIM remains a robust modern and relevant firm on the planet," Heins mentioned throughout the contact.

Heins also clarified that RIM's Sept. 21 service losswhich affected customers in Europe in Africawasn't an outage.

"We have to be quite cautious in regards to the terms. Blackberry 9700 Parts.That was not an outage. We had an situation with our service capabilities..." Even though messages were delayed to about 4.6 million of RIM's 80 million subscribers, stated Heins, no messages were lost.

On the call and within a statement, Heins insisted on what he required to, for buyers, investors along with the organization.

"Make no mistake about it," he mentioned. "We realize that we've much operate to perform, but we are generating the organizational changes to drive improvements across the organization, our workers are committed and motivated, and BlackBerry 10 is on track to launch in the first calendar quarter of 2013."


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