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HTC 1 X+ leaks with blink-and-you-miss-it adjustments

Par reedy :: 29/09/2012 à 8:33
What does a + get you? If its the HTC 1 X+, freshly leaked as soon as a lot more today, then it doesnt appear like a huge quantity; new photographs show minor aesthetic adjustments C when youre most excited about a brand new Beats Audio logo, you understand its time for the weekend C with Pocket-lints sneaky pre-announcement images otherwise confirming only that the One X+ will appear much like its 1 X predecessor.

That indicates exactly the same 4.7-inch display, apparently, as well as the same neatly tailored polycarbonate plastic chassis. HTC Repair Parts.Inside, in line with leaks earlier inside the month, is going to be a slightly more rapidly processor than just before: a Tegra 3+ AP36 with a 1.6GHz clock speed (or, in single-core mode, as much as 1.7GHz). That can be paired with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM.

OS is tipped to become Android 4.1 Jelly Bean C about time, provided Googles newest OS has been on the scene for some months now C with HTCs Sense 4.5 interface strapped on top rated. A 1,800 mAh battery, just as inside the original One particular X, is expected to become performing power duty, along with the pogopins on the back for charging cradles are clear to find out.

In short, the One X+ is shaping as much as be a minor tweak rather than an all-out refresh, probably running a bit more quickly than the 1 X but otherwise supplying a lot the identical user-experience. If HTC is sensible, it is going to have spent its time tweaking power management, HTC LCD Screen Display,as rival devices C such as the Galaxy S III, having a 2,100 mAh pack C supply significantly bigger batteries.

Update: GSM Arena spotted an early listing with the A single X+ inside a printed O2 catalog, which suggests the new HTC will have 64GB of internal storage and indeed run Jelly Bean on a 1.7GHz processor. MoDaCo claims the 64GB will be partitioned as a single, huge chunk, as well, as opposed to the split arrangement of the One X. O2 lists the 1 X+ at 479.99 on pre-pay, with contract deals also expected.


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