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BlackBerry gets aggressive about apps

Par reedy :: 08/10/2012 à 9:20
Investigation In Motion needs to provide more than just clever new attributes for its BlackBerry 10 to take off. For buyers and BYOD (bring your very own devices) workers in particular, considerably on the new platform's momentum will hinge on the hardware on which it is provided, as well because the apps and content material which is available when it launches within the initial quarter of next year.

RIM hasn't had a lot to say regarding the BlackBerry 10 devices themselves, though it has pledged to continue offering physical QWERTY keyboards alongside full touchscreens.

The prototype seeded to BlackBerry 10 developers offers clues about what a single on the devices will look like, and among the slim proportions, large, high-res screen and fluid overall performance, it looks promising.

BlackBerry App Planet has close to 105,000 apps accessible, and it has clocked 3 billion downloads because it initial opened three years ago. The problem is that none of those apps will probably be compatible with BlackBerry 10, which indicates developers will need to port all of their apps over to the new platform.

RIM presented a brave face to media and developers in the BlackBerry Jam developer conference in California late last month.

Martyn Mallick, vice-president of international alliances and enterprise improvement, mentioned there was a massive swell of developers supporting BlackBerry 10, along with the organization was literally working with hundreds and hundreds of partners at this time.

Mallick said all of the major worldwide social networks would have applications available for BlackBerry 10 at launch, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Presenters demonstrated operating versions of Cisco WebEx, Foursquare, Facebook and Shadowgun.

But a slide showing the developers for BlackBerry 10 did not have countless partners on it. It had 50. The standouts had been, PressReader, TruPhone, TuneIn and Accuweather, but there had been a great deal of magazine names (presumably for the upcoming BlackBerry Newsstand magazine shop) padding out the list.

Mallick assured conference attendees that this wasn't the full list. What you see right here is really just the tip on the iceberg," he mentioned. "This is the list of partners that gave us permission to speak about what they are undertaking here at BlackBerry Jam. But you are going to see a huge variety of further partners come out in between now and launch Apple Parts. This really is truly just a fraction of who we are working with.

Other slides displayed through the keynote presentation showed apps and games that weren't especially mentioned by the presenters, like Adobe Reader, Docs to Go, Fruit Ninja and NOVA 3.

RIM will also be selling music, Television shows and movies for the very first time in the BlackBerry App globe with BlackBerry 10. This supplying locations it on a near-even keel with Apple's ecosystem with regards to multimedia, and it tends to make the platform a robust sell against Android, which only has Tv shows, motion pictures and books, and Windows Phone, which only delivers music.

RIM also created a passing reference to BlackBerry Newsstand during the presentation. Mallick mentioned it would have a huge number of magazine titles readily available, and one particular of the slides showed titles for example Bazaar, Great Housekeeping, Conde Nast Traveller and Wired.

The apps and content RIM demonstrated at BlackBerry Jam are a excellent begin, however it wants to persuade far more big-name developers to generate the jump towards the new platform.

Dan Dodge, QNX founder and RIM's lead software program architect, stated this was a thing the business was aggressively fixing.

1 of the lessons that we learnt from the PlayBook is that we launched prior to we in fact had a large adequate ecosystem of applications behind it," he mentioned. "The objective was to obtain it out there. When BB10 launches, there is going to be a catalogue of massive numbers of applications.


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